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'Exploring Lifestyle, Goals and Movement through Life'
Saturday November 11th 2017

'Working with Brokenness'
A further day with BETH KING
Saturday March 24th 2018

'Sounds of the Singing Tree: Bridging Worlds'
Saturday November 3rd 2018



'Exploring Lifestyle, Goals And Movement Through Life'
Saturday November 11th 2017

Pamela Allsop, ‘Reflections’

People who come for counselling or psychotherapy typically arrive distressed, confused and stuck – often in crisis. We are able to work more effectively when we appreciate each person's perspective, goals and movement; this helps them identify their strengths and move forward in their lives. Within Adlerian Psychology, 'lifestyle assessment' can lead people to understand themselves and the issues troubling them. We look at 'family constellation' and our early recollections, as well as at work, friendship, intimacy, self-compassion and relationship with the cosmos (the five 'life tasks').

Karen John is a developmental psychologist working as researcher, trainer, consultant and psychotherapist; she supervises therapeutic and work-based practice. With 46 years of experience in mental health  and related services, her abiding aim is to help individuals, families, organisations and a range of professionals to recognise and overcome internal and external obstacles that interfere with their healthy functioning and development.

Saturday March 24TH 2018

Beth King 'Eric the Peacock'

Beth King is an art therapist who has until recently been working with 'Assist', which aims to help the asylum seekers in Leicester. She quotes Tagore:

Like a lotus of light, the setting sun
Has closed its petals up.
Let it bloom in a new tongue
With new unfaltering hope
On the shore of a new dawn!

The phoenix rising in each of us chooses life before flight. Asylum seekers fleeing their countries are broken by their experiences. We shall look at how, through a positive counter-action, we might attend to the brokenness of many, ourselves and others. We remember that the Japanese mend their broken pots with gold. The role of art therapy in making images helps people to express their feeling and say things for which there are no words.

On this Saturday, sharing our experiences, we will explore the way in which understanding how trauma affects mind, body and spirit can offer a wealth of opportunities to attend to that brokenness. 'To send light into the darkness of men's hearts … such is the duty of the artist.' (Robert Schumann). We shall see some of Beth's own paintings, as well as a selection of pictures done by other people.


Saturday November 3rd 2018

Photo: Petra Galligan

Following in the footsteps of the early apprentices of the Hermetic order of the Tree of Life, this will be a magical journey of exploration upon the trees of our own lives. What rings for you – what populates your own tree …? In the collage of our lives, what do we bring to the fore? Amongst our many 'other selves', what rings true? What hidden treasures lie in wait, winking at us through the twinkling light of the Tree's lustrous outer leaves? Where are our roots – in humus-rich earth – in sandy, stony territory – barely gripping some rocky outcrop?

Using sound and visualisation we shall explore and map these life patterns, our journey accompanied by a sonic soundscape of deep resonating Gongs, singing and ringing Crystal Alchemy Bowls, and percussion of varying tones and sonic correspondences.  As we listen, we can reunite with our inner strength and wisdom and re-discover firm roots from which to blossom and grow and speak our truth among our companions and fellow pilgrims.

Petra Galligan has been a television director, broadcasting and travelling extensively worldwide. A producer for the BBC, she developed a string of successful and well-known brands. She is now studying the vibrational effects of sound on the human body and mind, combined with an exploration of the transpersonal world through art and poetry.

All these single day workshops are open and everyone is welcome to apply.