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Self-discovery and the search for meaning. Transformational journeys through personal and transpersonal dimensions of our being


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BuddaWe feel ourselves to be both spiritual and unique, yet often we are unhappy and unfulfilled. The soul has become far away and out of reach. We have lost touch with the sacredness of all life, and the gods, neglected, have returned as troubles of all kinds.

Many of us have been desperately hurt and wounded in our lives. Torn between extreme opposites, we may feel ourselves to be flung and pulled in all directions: 'Either I stay with my partner and go mad, or I leave, lose the children and die of loneliness.' - 'Either I leave my job, go bankrupt and die of fear and boredom, or I stay in it and die of a heart attack.' We fear there may be no solution.

Just as the immune system heals the body, so does our inner wisdom heal the soul. It's a natural process, like the healing of a wound. Our own inner world, when trusted, heals itself. However, it's tricky. That's why we need support in finding strength, comfort, healing. It's not about other people telling us what to do, how to be. We need encouragement to find within ourselves the quality and essence of our own innate wisdom, which can answer so many questions and problems.

The Transpersonal way is to ask, not 'What's wrong with me?' but 'What's right with me?' Those who come to Rock Bank have sometimes found inside themselves what is often an astonishing awareness of their own wisdom and compassion. This can be seen as a quest; and while to be on a quest may not be comfortable, to be aware of life as a developmental journey may well lead individuals to move in and out of spiritual areas, invoking another dimension, acknowledging the unique touching of their souls. So we may find our way back to wholeness, to intuition, the values of the feeling heart, the warmth of the hearth-fires of home. However, both head and heart, reason and emotion, instinct and knowledge are needed if the soul is to come home in us, and in our children and in our world.

Offering workshops, counselling, therapy and supervision, books and meditation, the work at Rock Bank is appropriate for many people, including professionals: it is for all who seek to know and befriend themselves, and thus each other. It is for everyone who has known something of hurt or grief or betrayal, of the pain of loss, the excitement of the inner journey, the quest, the new birth that is itself a profound healing.

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At Rock Bank, weekend and single day workshops are held.
A variety of themes have included:

The Seven Rays
The Splendor Solis
Working with Your Soul
The Fool's Journey through the Tarot
Soundscape and Landscape: … Music, Myth and Magic'
Psyche and Eros – their Story in the Tarot
Spontaneous Drawing and Dreams
Symptom as Symbol
The Inner Friend

Longer courses and Meditation are available, and also individual Counselling, Therapy and Supervision .

Transpersonal Weekends.

The three introductory Transpersonal Workshops, originating with Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown, form the heart and core of the work here.

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Dr. Karen John returns in November this year with a day on 'Exploring Lifestyle, Goals and Movement through Life'. Within Adlerian Psychology, lifestyle assessment can help people understand themselves and what is troubling them.

Beth King is an art therapist who has been working to help asylum seekers – in fact, Working with Brokenness. We will explore how trauma affects us all, and how to attend to that brokenness in ourselves and in other people. We shall see some paintings, Beth's and other people's.

Petra Galligan brings Sounds of the Singing Tree: Bridging Worlds. We shall map and explore our life patterns with a sonic soundscape of deep resonating Gongs, singing and ringing Crystal Alchemy Bowls, and wonderful percussion – a magical journey to explore our own Tree of Life.

Please see Course Dates.

Book Series: 'Wisdom of the Transpersonal'

All four volumes of the work of Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers are available: : Journey in Depth, their transpersonal perspective on counselling training; The Fires of Alchemy, Barbara Somers's profound view of this ancient art; The Raincloud of Knowable Things, a practical guide to Transpersonal Psychology, workshops, history and method; and Symptom as Symbol, Barbara’s view of the wonderful language of the body. Editor Hazel Marshall. Published by and available from Ian Thorp at:
Archive Publishing
01258 450404
07939 030875
and for the paintings:


Personal Work. Individual Counselling, Therapy and Supervision are all available at Rock Bank.

Transpersonal Perspectives, which is UK-wide, is based on the original Transpersonal vision. About the hearts and souls of us all, it is reaching quietly and steadily into the future. Please follow the link:

The Centre for Transpersonal Psychologyis functioning again. Please follow the link:


Meditation at Rock Bank. On Thursday mornings, the house is open for quiet sitting and meditation, followed by coffee and discussion. Free. All welcome.